Sascha Grams • Malen mit Licht auf Sascha Photographie



I like street photography. Sometimes, I do aerial video- and photography. It's fun, and I share it on Youtube. I am not a Mr. Neistat who's doing vlogs that can be shared every day or so with new episodes. Please consider, I don't make any money of photography. It's simply a passion of mine and I take the opportunity to share my work with you. Every now and then, I travel and simply make photographs. 

Underneath my logo; "Malen mit Licht!" No kidding, I have learned that as a photographer, I always be a student in "drawing with light". My next chapter in photography is to have a story, geometry and composition in a way to complete my photographs. To have a definition of moments in our daily life....In terms of photography, my approach today is more philosophical rather than technical. Only my Leica Q has an autofocus which I use for street- and color photographs. My second camera is a rangefinder camera, Leica M Monochrom which I use for everything else but for color photos. :) 


Stay tuned and enjoy my photographs. 



Leica M Monochrom 246 and Leica Q

I am very happy to use the Leica system. I prefer to take my time with the person/subject and carry out my photographs and love (sometimes) the results of my work. 


However,  for comments and questions, please feel free  to contact me.