Sascha A. Grams

Street Photographer


Sascha Grams, street photographer and owner of this site. I'm an up and coming street photographer. I started this journey for a long time ago, and now based in Kiel, Germany. I was inspired by my father's photography and camera work. My attention was caught by the art through taking pictures. For about 3 years ago, I caught up with the genre of street photography. A few of my favorite  photographers are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Sandler and Richard Avedon.



Travel has been my great impression for taking pictures on the streets of New York City, Tokyo and other interesting places, witnessing the short moment through, the photograph of people in their everyday life and authenticity of their faces and expressions. My work is exclusively in black and white. Street photography is for me about composition, geometry, relationship and balance or simply called space that tells a story. 


My Equipment: Leica M Monochrom 246 and Leica Q



For comments and questions, please feel free  to contact me.